De-Risk – /dē-risk/ verb: Take steps to make your business less risky or less likely to involve a financial loss.

What We Do For Business Owners

Are you in control of your business, or is your business in control of you? We can help you identify financial opportunities as well as find money you may be losing, unknowingly or unnecessarily. Do you have options that help you reposition your business assets and give you freedom today an din the future? Meet me on the porch and let’s talk about all the options available to you.

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Our Unique Approach: The Front Porch Sessions

On the front porch, we’ll create a plan for you in three steps, and facilitate communication with appropriate family members so everyone is on the same page. And, because we know there will always be changes in life, we facilitate an annual conversation with you to make any adjustments necessary to keep you on track.


1. The Clarity Sessions™

Defining your financial vision can be just as important as making the right investments. With the Clarity Sessions™, we meet on the front porch to decide your priorities, identify your personal and financial possibilities and determine a manageable timeline for success.


2. Align with The Advisor Network™

Sound financial direction comes from an alliance of your most trusted financial experts. We collaborate with your entire financial planning team to integrate their experience and insight to ensure that all aspects of the wealth management equation are included.


3. Create & Implement The Plan

Employing innovation, creativity and collective wisdom of your team of financial experts, we design and implement your custom plan. Called The Plan, this strategy outlines the necessary steps and empowers you to capture opportunities and meet goals, giving you financial freedom so you can focus on what matters most.


4. The Heir Apparent™

We facilitate a meeting with the members of your immediate family to provide everyone with a greater awareness of your plan. Involving your family in the wealth management conversation results in greater unity, peace of mind, and improved legacy strategies.


5. The Routine Fysical™

A healthy financial life requires a routine evaluation and improvements to ensure it is optimized for success. We’ll meet with you regularly to ensure your plan is progressing steadily and make adjustments to your plan as needed. Our aim is to empower you through sound advice and creative solutions, so you enjoy the life of your dreams.

Questions about Business Retirement Planning

De-risk your Business: What does that even mean?

For starters, what percentage of your net worth is concentrated in your business? If you are like most owners, it is above 80%. When so much of your net worth is concentrated in your business, think of what could happen if something went wrong. What effect would a lawsuit, fraudulent or not, have on your business? How would your bankers, employees, suppliers, react? What would be the personal toil on your health? De-risking your business means managing your assets in way that keeps the bulk of your net worth protected from potential threats.

Creating an exit and/or continuation plan is usually an afterthought. Should it be discussed now?

Absolutely. You have spent time creating and building your business, so why wouldn’t you spend time planning how it could continue without you – or how you might exit it. We believe that managing the beginning is as important as managing the end, and doing so can help take away stress and future uncertainty. Plan for the future so you can enjoy today.

No matter your industry, a business is a fragile and volatile thing to own and having a Front Porch Session to discuss your options will be a helpful experience

Meet Me On The Front Porch

Get empowered with the financial knowledge you need so you can be confident about the future. We are ready to guide you through the many decisions that come with planning for your retirement. Contact us to get your Front Porch Session™ scheduled. Or contact us directly at (615) 406-0419